Body Compassion Video Series

If you want to transform bad eating habits and body image at once, this Body Compassion video series is for you. Sounds good, but you undoubtedly have questions, like what’s this thing called body compassion and how does cultivating it transform food and body issues?

Without a doubt, body compassion, or treating your body with self-compassion, is a potent antidote to food and body image issues. That’s what research scientists are discovering, that’s what my clients are finding, and that’s what you’ll surely find after watching this five-part series.

Turns out, when you have a little body compassion, it’s a whole lot easier to do what you’ve been trying so hard to do – to eat better, feel better and look better. In fact, when you treat your body like a friend or a loved one, there’s no need to deprive yourself at the dinner table or kill yourself at the gym.

You see, when you treat your body with compassion, you are actively appreciating this body of yours. And with active appreciation comes the intrinsic motivation to eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, rest when you’re tired and move when you feel energized. What’s more, with this appreciative attitude, it makes more sense to buy comfortable jeans instead of squeezing yourself into that girdle-tight pair that you insist on wearing until you lose the weight you gained at least a holiday season ago.

Need more reason to have a little more body compassion? Watch the first video and learn four good reasons why changing how you feel about your body actually makes it easier to change your body for good. Then keep the transformation going by watching the rest of the videos in order. After the first two videos, which are intended to be watched just once, watch each of the remaining videos every day for a week. So you’ll watch one video every day for one week, then the next video every day for the next week and so on.

Ready to get this transformation started? Start watching the Body Compassion video series [below] today and work your way down the list.

Body Compassion Video 1: Why Body Image Matters More Than You Think
Watch the first Body Compassion video and discover what research scientists have already discovered – that a little self-compassion goes a long way toward transforming food and body issues.

Body Compassion Video 2: Is Your Body Image A Real Problem?
Take this distress test and find out if your body image is causing you undue psychological distress. Sure, almost everyone has bad body image sometimes, but does yours deserve serious attention? Answer eight simple questions and find out. Whatever your score, you certainly deserve a healthy body image.

Body Compassion Video 3: Kindly Breathe
Start transforming food and body issues at once with this short guided meditation. Make a habit of watching this video and start seeing what a measurable difference self-compassion makes to your body image, your whole self.

Body Compassion Video 4: Seeing Yourself As You Really Are
Watch this video visualization and make it easier to do what you’ve been trying so hard to do – eat better, feel better and look better. Sounds great, but what if you don’t want to see yourself as you really are right now? I understand. And, if you make a point of watching this video over and again, you’ll understand the value of taking a kinder, more objective view of yourself. Day by day, you’ll see the incremental difference self-compassion makes to your mood and your relationship with food.

Body Compassion Video 5: Head-to-Toe Appreciation
Follow this guided meditation and keep making peace with food and body issues at once. Watch this video and discover the predictable difference a more appreciative attitude makes. If you’re anything like my clients, you just might find you don’t have to lose weight to feel a lot more comfortable in your own skin. Your clothes, too!

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