My CDs are a great way to start taking better care of yourself today! Whether you’re listening to a hypnosis, mindfulness, relaxation or self-compassion CD, you reap the benefits of a proven change strategy without the expense of individual therapy.

All the audio CDs on this page help you travel inward to a focused state, but what happens next distinguishes one from the other. In hypnosis, change happens through “doing,” such as actively imagining overcoming obstacles to healthy eating as a first step to taking charge of your diet. In mindfulness, change comes about through “being,” paying attention without judgment to, among other things, the everyday activities of breathing and eating. Both hypnosis and mindfulness often inspire relaxation, but relaxation training and self-compassion practice measurably improve your health and well-being almost immediately, significantly enhancing the quality, if not the quantity of your life.

Hypnosis, mindfulness, self-compassion and relaxation are four routes to the same destination; traveling any one can make the journey more interesting, more possible. People who take all four routes find the lessons they learn along the way invaluable and complementary.

A CD can help you decide if you need more personalized guidance. Or another CD. To learn about the various CDs and what people are saying about their favorites, read on. Finally, stay tuned to this website: new titles are in the works!

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The Self-Compassion Diet
Guided Practices to Lose Weight with Loving-Kindness

The secret to sustainable weight loss isn’t counting calories or depriving yourself at the dinner table. It’s about cultivating awareness and self-acceptance wherever you are. The audio companion to The Self-Compassion Diet book does more than reveal the secret to transforming the way you think and feel about food and your whole self—a shift that, paradoxically, inspires physical change. It guides you through a combination of self-compassion and self-hypnosis practices for a total of 11 transformational weight-loss strategies. If you interested in naturally progressing toward genuine self-acceptance and a healthy, sustainable weight, this audio program is for you. If you’re keen on speeding learning and boosting success, the book and CD or MP3 are a powerful combination.

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Compassionate Weight Loss
A Jean Fain Mindfulness CD

The self-compassion you develop listening to this CD allows you to do the seemingly impossible – eat with more control, less compulsion. That’s right, research psychologists have discovered that compassion-enhancing strategies decrease the self-criticism and emotional distress that fuels emotional eating. This CD is a compilation of proven self-compassion practices that have helped my clients win the battle of the bulge without the battle. Every track is designed to help listeners forge a more peaceful, harmonious relationship with food AND lose weight. If you’re interested in exploring a kinder, gentler route to sustainable weight loss, if you’d like to see what a difference compassion makes to your mood, your outlook and your eating, this CD is for you. Listen & learn more, plus order a copy at

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Mindful Eating Mini Trances
A Jean Fain Hypnosis CD

Typically, people interested in losing weight practice self-hypnosis 15-20 minutes every day. Yet the biggest losers in the hypnotic research literature only practiced five-minute trances. Yup, it was with mini-trances that subjects in the best hypnotic weight loss study lost weight and kept losing for up to two years afterward. The mini-trances on this CD were inspired by that landmark study. After an introduction to hypnosis and healthy eating, listeners have their choice of five mini trances to help them make healthier food choices, meal by meal... snack by snack... day by day. If you’re interested in making weight loss more automatic, if not effortless, this CD is for you. Listen & learn more, plus order a copy at

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Float To Health & WellBeing
A Jean Fain Relaxation CD

Float away on a raft of relaxation every time you listen to this CD. After an introduction to the incredible benefits relaxation has to offer, you get the very same relaxation training my new clients receive. This quick and powerful practice, almost immediately, helps you feel calmer, more focused and better able to handle stressful situations, and, over time, measurably improves your health and wellbeing, significantly enhances the quality, if not the quantity of your life. Whether you’re battling insomnia, stress, anxiety, eating issues, chronic pain, PMS, hot flashes, medical side effects… relaxation training will ease, if not alleviate, what ails you physically, psychologically and emotionally. Ideally, you’ll listen to the Total Relaxation track every day. But if you’re short on time, you can always squeeze in the Mini-Relaxation track. If you’d like to relax and feel calmer almost immediately, this CD is for you. Listen & learn more, plus order a copy at:

Read What People Are Saying

Compassionate Weight Loss
"Self-compassion is the basis of good habits and emotional well-being. Jean Fain's guided meditations will draw you into a new, more tender, loving relationship with yourself – especially when you fail, falter, or feel bad about yourself or your body."
–Christopher K. Germer, PhD, author of The Mindful Path to Self-Compassion

“As soothing and well-paced as her previous recordings, Compassionate Weight Loss is Jean Fain’s best CD yet! I love this CD!”
–Alice Rosen, MSED, LMHC, Director of Education for Feeding Ourselves

“I love this CD. How wonderful to be taught a way to use self-love, mindfulness and radical acceptance of one's body as the tool to lose weight. Jean Fain's creative imagery and her permissive language are inspiring and nourishing.”
–Aline P. Zoldbrod, PhD, author of Sex Smart

Mindful Eating Mini Trances
"These mini-trances help you accomplish a lot in just a little time. Throughout the CD you are reassured that you'll still be able to eat, but now you'll eat in moderation. There's no shaming, no judging, simply encouragement along with clear instructions on how to eat mindfully."
–Roberta Temes, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis

"Jean Fain has created a masterful and timely CD. I will recommend it to all my clients."
–Alice Rosen, M.S.ED., LMHC, Director of Education for Feeding Ourselves

"A really excellent recording by a skilled and knowledgeable clinician."
–Peter McEntee, LICSW, Behavioral Medicine Program, Cambridge Health Alliance

Float to Health & Well Being
"The CD is soothing and relaxing. The waves crashing on the beach took me straight to my favorite spot in North Truro.”
–Cathy, Boston, Massachusetts

"Like most people, there are many days that I multi-task myself into a frenzy. Closing my eyes and turning on Float helps me feel human again."
–Russ Wild, Allentown, Pennsylvania

"I find this CD to be very calming and reassuring, that for the time I’m listening “all is ‘right with the world.” After listening several times, I find myself more able to focus on keeping myself relaxed during the day; and yes, I do feel like I’m floating."
–Sarah, Brookline, Massachusetts