Happenings: Support Groups To Transform Eating

Why go it alone when good supportive company is available on-line and in person?

In addition to seeing individual clients in her private practice, Jean Fain now offers groups for the range of eating issues, from yo-yo dieting to binge eating. If you’re serious about improving your eating, a group makes it a whole lot easier. With good supportive company, it’s also far more effective and fun to change your eating habits.

Jean Fain’s in-person and on-line groups teach you how to curb overeating, feel your hunger, trust your taste buds and become deeply satisfied with the quality, rather than quantity, of food. All of which helps you eat less and weigh less without dieting. The in-person groups are for participants local to Concord, MA. The on-line groups are conducted via Skype for everyone, everywhere with everyday eating issues as well as those who prefer meeting on-line.

With a choice of instructional groups and ongoing support groups, you can have as much or as little support as you’d like. The introductory instructional group teaches newcomers the basics of self-compassion meditation and mindful eating. The intermediate instructional group is a chance to dive deeper into mindful eating and self-compassion practice, plus boosts skills for handling everyday eating challenges. The mindful eating support group provides a safe forum for addressing personal eating issues, discussing assigned readings and continuing the practice of mindful eating and self-compassion. Most groups meet weekly, but some are offered as intensive workshops on select weekends. To learn more, click here.

What Participants Are Saying About Jean’s Groups

“I wouldn’t be successful if it wasn’t for Jean Fain, who has helped me learn self-compassion and what it means to have a healthy relationship with food. Without the use of fad diets, restrictive eating plans or even any nutritional tracking, I’ve lost over 70 pounds in just seven months. I’m so grateful because this has set me up for the rest of my life.” -- Neal

“I've thought of you often and what I learned from your groups. Thought you might like an update. I am in good health and living with eating and food as I never expected I could. Without dieting or any forbidden foods, I have slowly lost close to 50 pounds so far just by eating and living mindfully, meditating and being grateful for each day. I am fussy about what I put into my body. I do try to mainly eat "clean unprocessed" food. Since I actually taste what I eat, I am either satisfied by a small taste of something I might have binged on before, or I realize after one taste that it isn't what I want. I certainly am not perfect, although I have not binged in almost two years, but if I get caught up in the moment and am eating unconsciously, I stop, breathe and slow down. I think of you and the women in the groups I participated in and want to thank you for your help, support and kindness.” –- Jill

““You taught me to eat thoughtfully, and to notice when something stopped tasting delicious. You taught me what full felt like. As a result of ‘freeing’ myself from food-focus, I now eat without guilt or judgment most of the time, only eat until I am comfortably full or maybe not even, then stop. I am no longer willing to make myself uncomfortable with food—not with the eating, the judgments, the surrounding negative emotions. And guess what? In the past months, I have lost 25 pounds! Woohoo!”
-- Linda

“With much appreciation for a great group experience, and for all the support, insight, guidance, and affirmation you have offered and shared with me and the other women. I've been so enriched by this experience with you.” -- Kristy

“There are no specific words adequate for the wonderful feeling of peace and wholeness that I have with food these days. I can only explain the place I am in now and how precious and wonderful it feels. Over the time that we have spent together I have become more comfortable with my journey towards enlightened eating. Given my history, I find this amazing and touching to be able to say. Never did I believe I would see this place in my lifetime! I have heard such incredible words of wisdom and from-the-heart emotions which have helped me bestow compassion on my own process towards peaceful and mindful eating which, at times, has been frustrating, infuriating, funny and sometimes even boring. And the path continues to unfold itself.” -- Carmen

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Introducing Jean

Jean Fain, MSW, LICSW, is a Harvard Medical School-affiliated psychotherapist and the author of “The Self-Compassion Diet.” In addition to seeing individual clients and providing consultations, she runs groups and workshops on self-compassion for eating issues. She also writes about food and body-image issues for newspapers (from the Boston Globe to the LA Times), magazines (O: The Oprah Magazine, Shape, Self...) and on-line publications (NPR, WBUR, Huffington Post).